Commercial Lines

Commercial Line Insurance, Bolivar, MO

The Paul Long Agency knows the importance of having great coverage on a affordable budget. These packages are fully designed for small wholesale, mercantile, service or processing businesses. Also, apartment and office buildings, restaurants and motels can qualify for this protection.

Enhanced Coverages

Along with your building and business personal property, we provide coverage that can replace:

  • Damaged Outdoor Signs
  • Interior Glass
  • Damaged Locks
  • Valuable paper,records, and accounts receivable
  • Loss of business income for up to 12 months

Liability coverages in this package include:

  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Products and completed operations
  • Defense Cost
  • many more to choose from


This is a great enhanced plus coverage that The Paul Long Agency gives you. It offers several standard liability and property coverages along with A LOT of possible add-on options

Nothing says customized plan like options!

Get back to business FAST

Cover you building and personal property. This can ensure to get back to business as quickly as possible following a possible loss. We strive to preventing a loss from occurring in the first place!

Loss Prevention Services

Services such as the loss prevention are available to commercial insurance customers.

You can expect only the Best!

  • Excellent Service
  • Fully trained claims specialist
  • Great customer care

So why go with The Paul Long Agency? It is a company that knows you by name, things that are important to YOU, and maybe even your favorite color. When you go into The Paul Long Agency you’re not just signing up for great coverage, you are signing up with a staff that truly cares.

Any of these representatives would be happy to assist you!

We are in it with you for the LONG haul.