• All Shook Up

    It’s not about IF, it’s about WHEN. For those of us that live in the Ozarks, we’re pretty impressed with the natural bea

  • Annuities in the New Year

    2011 is a fresh start for us all. Why not start it off a guaranteed annuity from The Paul Long Agency? Call us today at

  • Customer Service No Questions Asked

    I am not one to write letters to the paper but I want to give credit where credit is due. Because of working long hours

  • Health Care Reform

    Well as we read, watch, and listen to the politicians about Health Care Reform we get more and more confused. One of the

  • I Can’t Afford to Die.

     (Or Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance) The top 3 reasons people don’t get life insurance: 1.)    Can’t afford it. 2.)   

  • Life Insurance and Dimes

      When you see the heading on this you might be wondering what does Dimes have to do with Life insurance?  I have b

  • Life Insurance Awareness Month

    This month is Life Insurance Awareness Month and accourding to a 2010 LIMRA study only 44% of U.S. households have indiv

  • Life Insurance is as easy as sign and pay!

    Life Insurance is some times so easy it seems hard. Let us take the case in point that life insurance is always branded

  • M.S. and Life Insurance… A Case Study

    M.S. and Life Insurance… A Case Study When it comes to life insurance and M.S. there are several things that the u

  • Multiple Sclerosis & Life Insurance

    Multiple Sclerosis & Life Insurance Did you know… Multiple Sclerosis occurs more in women than in men… I

  • The Need for Life Insurance in Business

    Life insurance what can I say. It is one of the most under sold products in a business policy package. Most business peo

  • The Pitt Falls of Insurance in a Small Business

    Insurance in a small business can be as important as the owner, the key employee, or the profits it brings in. When I si

  • Who Needs a Check Up?

    Do you go to your doctor, dentist, or eye doctor for a yearly check up? Most people do because they want to confirm that