Health Care Reform

20 Jan Health Care Reform

Well as we read, watch, and listen to the politicians about Health Care Reform we get more and more confused. One of the biggest problems is that they never have fixed Medicare and if you know anything about health insurance that is how all health care facilities set there billing schedules. So why do they keep wanting to add more to their plate when they haven’t finished what they had? Medicare Part D is a mess as well and now they are taking away Private Fee For Service? I don’t know it is really hard to see how people that don’t deal with health insurance on a daily basis are put in charge of making decisions for the rest of us. Of the 4 candidates or current politicians I have talked to they still really don’t even know what I am talking about when I start going into detail of the problem? Oh well all I can say is to make sure and confront your local politician state and federal about what they really know if they don’t know tell them to find out!
The other part to this whole thing that is so funny is that they are trying to get the poor and middle class to belive this will save them money. Ok read closly because this is short and simple. They go to government run health care, then they have to rasie taxes to pay for it because it starts to bankrupt the country “like medicare”, then the business that are taxed have to raise the cost of their goods and services to the middle class or poor, they end up paying for the increased cost of health care anyway. The other thing they try to talk about the big bad insurance companies who will just end up selling everyone a supplement policy for the government run healthcare plan that is so horrible “like Medicare” that they can’t pay the out of pocket cost. Really we end up right back were we are now but end up putting a huge finacial burden on our children and thier children to come? Doesnt make much sense does it?

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