Customer Service No Questions Asked

20 Jan Customer Service No Questions Asked

I am not one to write letters to the paper but I want to give credit where credit is due. Because of working long hours before leaving on every vacation I sometimes forget a few things when it comes to my trip planning. When faced with a situation that seemed impossible and would most likely affect our whole vacation I only had one option. I called my local banker and asked a favor that would usually get a laugh out of most bank management and a quick I don’t think so. Not this time though, I never got a putdown or a cross word at all. What I got was understanding and an immediate solution. The solution wasn’t easy for him or others he had to involve and after talking with someone on my trip that did the same thing but was not offered a fix which caused them to shorten their trip I realize how fortunate I really was. Everything seemed to work out even though things were close but I put my faith in someone that I have always looked up to and for some reason I was oddly calm right up to running to the plane and boarding at the last minute. In a culture where most people are out for themselves, I was part of a selfless act and it will stay with me as local business owner and encourage me to do the same for my customers as well. Thanks Brad!
Paul W. Long

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